Hot wax and Edge tuning set

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Language: 日本語

A set of hot wax and edge tuning. Use a special file and edge newer (Swix EVO Pro Edge Tuner) to tune the base and side edges, and polish and finish with various diamond files. The finishing angle is typically 1 ° for the base and 88 ° for the sides (89 ° edge angle). Remove the border if necessary. After edge tuning, melt the solid wax with a special iron and apply it to the sole, cool it sufficiently, remove excess wax by scraping and brushing, and remove static electricity etc. with a finish cloth. Solid wax is selected according to the snow conditions.

All work is done by hand and by hand.

Cleaning, Rust Removal ➡ Edge Deburring, Burn Removal ➡ Base Edge Tuning ➡ Side Edge Tuning ➡ Edge Polishing, Finishing ➡ Sole Cleaning ➡ Edge Deburring ➡ Hot Wax ➡ Scraping ➡ Brushing ➡ Finish Cloth

* We cannot accept the orders for extremely damaged edge tuning, racing advanced beveling, etc.

I’m waxing, edge tuning!

Hirotsugu Yamada (Former JSBA certified professional snowboarder)


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